The Waiting Father

In Luke 15 ,we have all heard of the familiar parable of the prodigal son.  One character we don’t hear enough about is the awesome father.  His young son blows all his inheritance, gives his dad the “I am outta here” and takes a voyage into his pleasures.  The father in this parable represents our Heavenly Father. He portrays the patience and forgiveness that our Heavenly Father wants us to rejoice in. In fact, he is waiting and looking for the young son to return one day.  When he does come home, the Bible tells us that he runs toward his son and gives him a kiss.  How indecent of a father to run toward his own kid and then give him a sloppy wet kiss on the cheek.  But that’s the heart and emotion of a dad who is beyond thrilled to see his son return!  The Father was “filled with love and compassion” when he saw his son. In my humanness, I would not have been filled with any of those emotions. My words would have been, “its about time and I told you so.”  But not God, that’s not how he rolls.  My prayer is that WE would be “filled with Love and Compassion that would lead us to Action“.  Our hearts would overflow so much that we can’t help….but do something.  Take some action for God.  After all, look at the action that he took out of his love.  He sent Jesus to die for us on the cross.  That’s a “love and compassion” that led to some serious action.  Action that we can be thankful for every breathing moment of our lives.  

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