Worry Not

Its something we all deal with in various parts of our life.  Worry.  What is Worry?  How about “anxious concern” for a nicer definition?  Either way, why do we worry when we are supposed to trust God?  Jesus reminds us in Matthew 6 not to be so overly concerned about things.  He tells us that the birds of the air don’t plant or save, yet they are fed.  He reminds us that the beautiful flowers of the fields are taken care of and they eventually fade away.  We are “children of God” and we ought to know that we are even more important to him than birds or flowers.  

In Matthew 6:30 he challenges us to have more faith in Him about specific situations.  Believe in Him, trust in Him and his provisions for your life.  Our faith is built by spending more time in His Word, prayer and fellowship with other believers of Christ.  

Then, he offers up the solution for our worry in Matthew 6:33.  “Seek the Kingdom of God above everything else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.”  Seek him, find him and when you do, trust him.

Don’t Worry, Seek Jesus!  That could be a song one day 🙂 

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