Great scripture here in James 4!

We are not guaranteed tomorrow! Enjoy this day as a gift from God and his beauty all around you. Find 3 things to be thankful for. I’ve always tried to do that when I want to get too far ahead of God and do it myself and operate in my limited strength instead of Gods amazing power!

Our life is a mist….the Bible reminds us……here for a little while (in terms of eternity) and then gone….God wants us to make our time count when we are here! Lord Jesus help us serve you with our actions and our words!

God gives is the definition of Sin here- “if anyone knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them”. Ouch. That’s kinda close to home. Once God reveals himself and what he wants us to do it’s up to us to act and move….

I’m sure glad God is in control of my life and I will give him full surrender every day!!

Good Deeds

As we read in the book of James, we realize that we are not called to just live the “ordinary Christian Life” but one that is fruitful and that makes a difference.  Repeatedly, he is talking about not just being someone who just hears the Word of God, but a person who takes action and does something.  The old fashioned term, actions speak louder than words, is relevant all throughout James writings.  People in our society don’t just want to hear a bunch of empty words, they want to see actions backing it up.  In a world full of empty words and empty promises, evidence of Christ being Lived out is what we cry out for. 

So, if you are truly a disciple of Christ, what are you doing for him?  Church attendance, bumper stickers, and Christian T-shirts aren’t enough.  Acts of kindness, thoughtful caring about someone, selfless living, thats what shines like a beacon to others.  

Lord, help me to take more action in my walk with you so that others can see the transformational work you have done in my life!!